Here's a poem Beth wrote way back in 2004:

The van is full of cheerios There’s spit-up in my hair I try to walk across the house But toys are everywhere The sound of young ones fussing Rings through every room And do I smell another whiff of sweet poo-poo perfume? The baby’s fought his nap all day Big Bro’s refusing his This thing that they call Motherhood Oh what a life it is! Still have to shop for groceries Get dinner on by six If only I had some idea What I’ve time to fix 


My clothes are stained and out of style Got bags under my eyes I have a hairstyle that just screams I paid $9.95! There’s dishes piled up in the sink Wash heaped on unmade beds Sometimes I wonder how it is I’ll ever get ahead Then a smile comes to my face As I stop to recall The two sweet precious babies Who make it worth it all They won’t recall a dirty house Or Mommy’s goofy hair They’ll just remember how it felt To know that someone cared

That someone kept them warm and dry And safe and fed and loved That someone read them stories, sang them songs, And gave them hugs I’ll do the best I can today, fall into bed by 10 Look forward to tomorrow’s chance to do it all again I’ll focus on the good stuff All the fun and all the joy And remember in my prayers tonight Thank God for little boys!!!

© 2004-2022 Beth Buchsbaum